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Evolution of ProConCloud Process

In this video we witness the Professor sharing the history, development and first two steps of the ProConCloud process, also called the Change Matrix Cloud (CMC) process, with Jason, a long term friend.

The process helps Jason make the decision on what to do about the disharmony he has at work with his co-workers as a result of their resistance to changes he is proposing to make things better, faster and easier for everyone

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Application of the ProConCloud Process

When Jason returns to the Professor after completing Step 1 and 2 of the ProConCloud process, he still has unresolved conflicts. The Professor assists him in solving his remaining conflict in with a win:win outcome and not to settle on just the option of compromise.

TheProConCloud Process consists of 5 steps, each designed to overcome one of the 5 most common decision mistakes we make which wastes our scarcest resource – our limited attention.

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Using Harmony Decision Maker to make better faster decisions together

This video provides an overview of the Harmony Decision Maker and how it can help individuals and organizations make better faster decisions by guiding them through the 5-step ProConCloud decision- making process.

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Purpose of the ProConCloud process

TheProConCloud can provide a simple and practical solution to help us identify and challenge LIMITING / HARMFUL assumptions

When you complete theProConCloud it provides you with insight into why GOOD People make and often repeat BAD decisions …
…and finding ways to avoid such decision mistakes
…or at least learn from the experience

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Next Steps…

If you want to try out the ProConCloud process to solve your conflicts, why not register for a free trial on our online software platform that automates the entire process for you?

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